Hey, I'm so glad you want to know more about me Black-Hornis.


I am a young, sexy, attractive woman, I am originally from Germany, but since 2015 I live here in Miami in the US state of Florida and go here to pursue my not so much regarded profession.

In Germany in 2013, I began to intensively deal with the crazy business pornography, turned here and there once own porn (amateur porn) and put you online. I was also very active in the so-called WebCam chats. At that time I quickly realized this business opens up a lot of new possibilities and ideas for me, so I decided to register my brand in the same year.

Today I still love to shoot porn and am also occasionally seen on the webcam.


From a small trademark application in 2013, today has become a big company in the United States and Germany, the Black-Hornis A&C Media Company. The following year after a very successful start of my company, I wondered if I should not publish another porno label, so I did that under the same name.


In 2014, I quickly realized that Germany was not looking well at my ideas and suggestions and that nobody paid any attention.

I tried, furthermore, to spread my ideas, suggestions in Germany far, but all that does not matter, it failed unfortunately. In my very long and extended vacation in Miami, I was looking for a way to publish my products, ideas and ideas or to bring these there to the man or woman, of course, I had to cope with my setbacks in Miami but after a short but hard time then it worked. I was happy.


But now I was faced with the next problem, how can I get all this to the US and live there? Authorities, house, job, products, that was almost done by itself, thanks to a very good friend, who lives here for several years here in the US.

Today I arrived and am more than happy to have taken this step and can finally live my erotic dream here in Miami.


Thanks to all who helped me in the time, supported me and encouraged and accompanied me again and again!







Today I have become exactly the person I always wanted to be and I live my life as I have always imagined!

As you probably know, there are many sayings and wisdom.

I can say with certainty: You can live dreams, if you have enough strength to break away from the old ballast and have enough courage to start over!


Today I travel a lot, see, experience and finally enjoy what I never had the years before. I am independent, completely free and most importantly happy. I am learning a lot of new times important times VIP's and just just interesting people know.


I get up early stress-free and well rested and in a good mood, enjoy my breakfast under the beautiful sunshine of Miami, drive to the office after breakfast, take care of my tasks here and there in the social media according to what my followers and fans so great driven and then commented, then I go with friends for a small lunchtime launch at a seaside restaurant on Miami Beach, post or chat with my fans from around the world.

In the early afternoon I drive home quickly to meet friends for the evening.


You as my social media follower, fan or as my secret admirer, can with my life made, of course, cih you in the social media, if you want to with it, come and make my life just with.


Every day I am very happy that so many of you have really loved me, thank you all for your Black-Hornis.

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