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Hi, I'm

Caroline Berger the Model and Actress I'm an erotic, fetish and lingerie model.

I am on the road nationally and internationally for various photographers and interesting topics all over the world. Besides my very interesting model appearances I am also active as an internationally successful actress. Find out more about me here:

Hey, I am Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis, Welcome on my official website. I am a model and actress for erotic, fetish and lingerie.

Book me now for something completely different, new and extraordinary for your photo or film project. Originally I come from Germany, but for ten years I have lived in Miami and Germany in the city of Hamburg.

As a successful businesswoman I work in Germany, in my own company specializing in eroticism and pornography.

I and my colleagues don't see men and women in the erotic and porn business as an object of pleasure for everyone, instead we see erotic artistic bodies.

As I myself have over twelve years of erotic and porn experience, I know exactly what that means. professional acting and modelling belongs in my everyday life, like coffee in the morning.

In some series, films and premieres, I was allowed to participate already successfully.

In Miami, where I have been living next door to Germany for over ten years, I pull out completely different stops, because here I undress and produce my own porn movies and can also be seen in front of an erotic webcam. Just click on Erotic Seduction World Button.

In the States I own several porn labels, an erotic and porn brand as well as a successful US porn production company.

As well as a very well-running porn marketing company runs on me.

This is my sweet Miami life. In Germany I live in the cold seasons from October to March, in the summer seasons from March to September it draws me back to my warm Miami.

Experience new erotic values in yourself that you would not otherwise have recognized. Dive with me into the new seduction world of imaginative eroticism. Experience now true imaginative, lustful and devoted eroticism! Register now for free if you have courage!

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