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In the near past several people have asked me if I would like to write a book about my exciting but serious life as a model and actress.πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ No, I won't do that in the near future. But then, one day, a very strange thought came to me, or rather, questions arose. What's more interesting than a book? πŸ™„
Where can you publish your video 🎬 experiences, pictures πŸ–ΌοΈ and all other exciting material without much effort for the public? πŸ“’ Also important for me was a certain self-updating of my online book, the so-called blog. Well, a blog, maybe? The thought was born! However, implementation is far from complete.πŸ“•

I looked online #️⃣ everywhere for me for the right one, but unfortunately it quickly resulted in a disillusionment that washed for me. So technically versed that I could build me loosely fast times an own Blog I am not nevertheless. So I asked my IT specialist πŸ€“ if he had an πŸ€” idea, after a few hours he had an ideaπŸ’‘which he had to test himself.

His idea was this. I could connect my blog because I wanted to have it with my other already existing #️⃣ social media accounts. At first I was a bit skeptical, but when he showed me and I tested it myself that I only had to post to one πŸ‘€ profile and it automatically spread over all my profiles, I was very excited towards the end. And then he told him to build it for me the same way.
It took a very long time until everything worked out and was finished. πŸ†’
And what do you say to my blog, do you like it? My Black-Hornis blog is now finished. βœ…

What can you see, read and experience here on my blog?❓
This is where I post Caroline Berger alias Porn Star 🀩 Black-Hornis.
In my fascinating and very detailed blog you can learn a lot about me as a foreign curious person, as a fan, friend or as my acquaintance, even privately. πŸ˜‰
Learn all about my travels πŸ›« as a model and actress. πŸ€— Get to know the 🌏 world, people and cultures together with me. As well as learn more about my own lifestyle. 🌠

Sometimes I will also link raffles and sweepstakes where you could dust off big and real amazing winnings. All sweepstakes are carried out on other, linked sites. All winnings will be presented to you by me personally. You can win everything from luxury villas, Super Cars and money to travel.

But note with all anticipation, for every competition there are rules, the rules are displayed on the page of the competition.


And as with all games and raffles, whoever comes first has the best chance! So don't hesitate but be fast and join in instead!

In addition, you will not only read texts or look at my pictures with tension. I'm sure you'll be curious about my vlog, too. 

Now I wish you a lot of fun πŸ€ͺ on my blog.

Your Caroline aka Black-Hornis.

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