My work includes erotic, sexy as well as natural and fashion motifs.

Convince yourself of something other than what you already see and get offered everywhere over the broad dimensions. In short, here you will find "Other".

Caroline Berger PhotoModel Erotic  Photography



Experience nature with all your senses, in a different way!

Go out into nature and open your eyes and ears, you will be amazed!

As a human being, you cannot prepare nature for yourself, just as you need your scenery. Here you need absolutely, true peace, patience and time, with it you reach for yourself your perfect result. Black-Hornis alias Caroline Berger and her outdoor photography also share with her results are really great masterpieces!



Fashion has been controversial like no other industry for years.

But fashion photography is and remains a true art for every viewer!

The interaction between model, technique and creativity up to the complete finished picture, is again and again impressive even for experienced connoisseurs! Caroline Berger alias Black-Hornis has also had experience as a photo model in the fashion industry for over eight years. Experience your fashion works in a completely different way!.

Nature  Photography Caroline Berger alias Black-Hornis



Eroticism or also nude photography times differently with

Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis!

Many people nowadays associate nude photography with pornography and their dirty thoughts, that is simply wrong!

Don't always act naked! Nude, erotic, nude photography and lingerie photography but Caroline Berger is happy for a shooting ready and hard also fun!

Black-Hornis aka Caroline Berger Erotic Photography

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